People Ads Make It Personal

Forest City Gear Advertising

Extraordinary people help separate Forest City Gear from its competition. Their people are exceptionally well-trained and highly committed – traits that translate into strong customer benefits — and good content for a Hayes Marketing advertising campaign.   Just another example of how Hayes Marketing seeks to differentiate its clients from their competitors – and separate our…

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Compelling HVAC Video – Honest!

Lincoln Museum Video

Precise temperature and humidity control is critical to preserving thousands of priceless artifacts in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, IL. Leave it to global energy management leader Schneider Electric to find ways to keep thousands of visitors comfortable and artifacts safe – and Hayes Marketing to help tell the an interesting visual story…

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Great Energy at Schneider Electric

Case Studies

$30 billion Schneider Electric leads the world in applying new solutions to save energy, reduce cost, maximize ROI. Publicizing their success is the best kind of challenge. Schneider Electric puts its trust in Hayes Marketing to develop, write and publish a series of Case Studies that document the successes Schneider Electric Field Devices are having…

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Danfoss Literature Presses ‘Refresh’

Marketing Materials

Danfoss Drives’ business in North America has been growing in leaps and bounds. Keeping up with growth and maintaining brand consistency in its marketing materials is the challenge. Incorporating new global branding standards into new and existing Danfoss Drives literature is ‘page one, paragraph one’ of the Hayes Marketing branding handbook. Ready to press refresh?…

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Outdoor Makes a Strong Impression

Outdoor Advertising Rockford University

  The glut of on-line, pseudo-university degree programs threatens to saturate the media and overpower the prospective student. How best to educate the marketplace about a truly great university? Rockford University, ranked as one of the Midwest’s best small universities, launches a new campaign that has classes in its BSMS degree completion program filling up…

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TV Gets Great Reviews

Northwest Bank Power of Yes

Bland, generic and safe…a nice way of characterizing the TV produced by most local and regional financial institutions. Our TV campaign for Northwest Bank gets great reviews by featuring real employees and customers in short, slice of life scenes that exemplify NWB’s problem-solving, solutions-oriented, can-do approach to banking, and how they’re helping our customers with…

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Staying in Constant Contact with eBlasts

Newsletter eBlasts

They say permission-based e-mail campaigns are 10 times more effective than direct mail campaigns. Our clients can’t argue with the results: 30-40% open rates…more click-throughs to content at websites/microsites and, most importantly, an extremely cost-effective and measurable way to target audiences anywhere, all the time. No wonder our eNewsletters, invites, and new product announcements are…

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Digital Keeps Brands Front and Center

We’re delivering higher click-through rates and increased conversions for clients like Northwest Bank with digital targeting and retargeting campaigns in partnership with Pandora, Comcast, and other electronic and social media platforms. We’re reaching our demos with pinpoint accuracy to help drive traffic to important website content at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.…

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Gleason Ads Mesh with More Customers

effective marketing messaging

Gleason gets it. With time, and attention spans, shorter than ever, print advertising of even the most technical product has to get right to the point. An inviting new Gleason ad campaign promises not to waste the reader’s time, with simple, bold visuals, compelling messaging – and a strong call-to-action that takes customers right to…

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Precision Website at Work

Precision Web Design

Sycamore Precision is a producer of high-quality precision parts with one of the most modern and productive machine shops anywhere in Illinois.   But you wouldn’t know it from their old, first generation website.   The company invests millions in ultra-modern machine tools, coordinate measuring machines and skilled people; so spending a relative few dollars on a…

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