Hayes Marketing Rockford IL
Hayes Marketing Rockford IL

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We’re proud of the work we do for our great clients.  Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, we’re delivering better results for a fraction of the cost as compared to our competition.  Take a look – if you find yourself asking, “Why didn’t our agency think of that?” then it’s time for Hayes Marketing.

We’re successful because we have great clients that like the way we work. We think you will too. Here’s what sets us apart…



Next time your agency opens a strategic planning session with, “So, what do we want to do?” fire them on the spot and call Hayes Marketing. We do our homework, and come prepared to offer bold new strategies and execution right out of the box.



Word on the street is, ‘No one reads anymore’.  We don’t buy it.   A more accurate description is that there are far fewer writers today that have the training and talent to tell their clients’ stories.



Advertisers are quick to take the advice of their media reps and ad agencies – only to wonder later where all that money went.   Hayes Marketing’s clients have a different reaction:  ‘How did we get so much bang for our buck?’



There’s a reason for the hefty price tag most full-service ad agencies charge:  there are a lot of mouths to feed. The principals at Hayes Marketing learned their trade with larger agencies and media companies – and then built a better mousetrap.



Most larger agencies are like dinosaurs: too big to react quickly, too expensive to “feed” on a regular basis and less imaginative than you would expect.  By comparison, Hayes Marketing is remarkably affordable and easy to work with.



Experience counts most when the stakes are high and resources are stretched thin.  We respond with a fraction of the startup time and cost associated with our less experienced competition.  Save time, and contact Hayes Marketing today.

"Hayes Marketing is a valuable part of the Gleason team, working seamlessly with our global marketing groups around the world to help raise awareness of our total gear solutions."

Rob Ewanow
Marketing Communications Manager, Gleason Corporation

"Hayes Marketing’s extended knowledge of both local and regional media, excellent negotiation skills, and creativity have very much contributed to the overall success of the Rockford Park District's marketing efforts."

Denise Delanty

Manager, Marketing & Communications,
 Rockford Park District

“We love working with Hayes Marketing! Mike not only produces polished, engaging, and well-written PR, but he also guides you through his clients' products to help you be more knowledgeable in understanding his clients' technology. His PR is inviting and memorable.“

Chad Morrison
Publisher, Gear Solutions Magazine

“We consider Hayes Marketing as an extension of our staff. Most importantly, Donna brings an incredible amount of energy and excitement along with a deep understanding of the media."

Geoffrey A. Oman
Manager of Marketing, Media and Airfest, Chicago Rockford International Airport